Custom Cabinets in Plano

Transform your Plano home or business with stunning, elegant, and highly functional custom cabinets designed and built by Cuttwood Construction Co.! Our cabinetry and remodeling specialists provide outstanding craftsmanship and built-in beauty.

Our cabinets are designed in a wide variety of colors and styles and installed to offer unmatched durability and attractiveness. We create built-in storage solutions that double as gorgeous pieces of furniture, built to any size and scope.

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Stunning Custom Cabinets to Complement Your Home or Business

Enjoy the unparalleled beauty and practical applications provided by built-in cabinetry solutions. There are countless advantages to installing custom cabinets in your home or business. As they can be constructed to any size or storage needs, they lend themselves to a limitless range of purposes. They are stunning and practical additions to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, entryway, office, entertainment space, or general storage area.

Cuttwood Construction Co. creates custom cabinetry in numerous colors, styles, and design configurations to suit every interior aesthetic. In addition to truly customizing your space, custom cabinets are a fantastic investment that will significantly increase your home or business’s value.

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Wide Selection of Quality Woods in a Variety of Colors and Styles

Each of our custom cabinet projects begins with a detailed consultation. You’ll be guided through our extensive inventory of wood species and designs for custom cabinetry. We work alongside some of Plano’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of fine wood products and can pass on unbeatable cost savings on our full inventory.

For even greater customization, you’ll have the option to paint or stain the finished cabinets. To ensure your cabinets are seamlessly incorporated into your space, we take detailed measurements and recommend the best layouts and styles.

We then proceed with the cabinet installation process, using top-quality materials and hardware for durable results. Your cabinets will be constructed with both efficiency and patience, and in no time will be ready for years of use and enjoyment.


Experienced, Diligent Cabinet Specialists

We have been faithfully serving homes and businesses in Plano for a number of years. We have gained a reputation for the exceptional quality of both our products and services.

We are fully licensed and insured and are committed to exceeding all expectations. Our design processes are imaginative, and our installations are highly skillful, using the best and most durable materials at our disposal. You will be involved in each step of the process, as well.

Your cabinets will add charm and functionality to your space!  


Transform Your Home or Business with Customized Built-In Cabinets

To add beauty and value to your home or business, choose the custom cabinetry services of the professionals at Cuttwood Construction Co.. We have the skills and resources to create beautiful custom cabinets for the needs of each property owner.

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Custom Cabinets in Plano

Whether you’re in the midst of a remodel or are looking for a way to give your Plano a boost, custom cabinets are an excellent choice. Not only are they an elegant way to increase the visual appeal of a room, but they allow you to create custom storage solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and style.

Cuttwood Construction Co. is a skilled provider of custom cabinets in town. We have extensive experience creating cabinets for a diverse clientele, and can bring your vision for the perfect cabinets to life.

How Does it Work?

Because the cabinets we make are designed with each individual client in mind, a key part of the custom cabinet process is a consultation. During this meeting, clients meet with a member of our team to discuss their storage needs, as well as their vision and budget for the project. By establishing these things early on, we are able to create a design that matches what you had envisioned.

Once the design has been finalized, our team can get to work putting the cabinets together. We work diligently to complete our work within an appropriate timeframe, so you can start enjoying your new cabinets as soon as possible.

Why Go With Custom?

Custom cabinets are an excellent choice for many reasons. Unless your home was built specifically for you, it was built with someone else in mind. Custom cabinets can make your life easier, and so much more!

Custom Cabinets Increase Storage Space

One of the best things about custom cabinets is that they can be added to any room in your home. Once installed, your storage can increase tenfold, alongside the aesthetic appeal of your space. Everyone has different storage needs, so if you’re looking for a way to increase the amount of space your home has, we can help.

Custom Cabinets Are Attractive

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to create cabinets that suit a variety of tastes. From modern, sleek design to timeless, stylish wood, we work with each client to design their ideal cabinets.

Custom Cabinets Help With Organization

With custom cabinets from Cuttwood Construction Co., you can be more organized than ever. Add a row of cabinets to your kitchen to free up counter space, or install cabinets in your home office to store important documents—the choice is yours!

Experienced Cabinets Makers

At Cuttwood Construction Co., we are committed to quality. We use only high quality products when constructing custom cabinets, because we want our work to last a lifetime. Since the very first cabinet we designed, we have emphasized good design and superior service above all else.

When you work with us, you can expect to interact with professionals who go above and beyond to ensure you are fully satisfied with our products.

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Elevate the look of your home with the addition of beautifully made custom cabinets. With an unlimited number of ways to make yours unique, cabinets made by Cuttwood Construction Co. are an investment any homeowner can benefit from.

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