Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Plano

If your kitchen isn't living up to expectations, you might be considering a renovation. But if you aren't in the market for a full-kitchen overhaul, there are a few ways you can make a change without breaking the bank. One of the best ways to introduce a new style into your kitchen space is by investing in custom kitchen cabinets.

For years, Cuttwood Construction Co.'s team in Plano has been helping homeowners design, build and install custom cabinetry for their kitchens. Our pricing and scheduling are flexible, and we look forward to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations.

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Masterful Kitchen Cabinetry

Enjoy the highest quality cabinetry available with Cuttwood Construction Co.. Our kitchen cabinets combine quality, artistry, and passion to give you just what you're looking for. They're a testament to our years of experience and commitment to our craft. Seamless, peerless, and tailored to your needs, they're a masterclass in construction and design.

We build, design, and install all cabinets with the utmost care and precision. Our quality control standards ensure flawless results so we can leave every client with something they're proud to call their own.

Tailored Solutions to Optimize Storage Space

Everyone could use a bit more storage space. At Cuttwood Construction Co., we help you get it without adding onto your kitchen. Our custom cabinets are tailor-made to the dimensions of your home and help maximize your storage space. Through smart spatial strategies, we're able to help you use your space more efficiently and effectively. Enjoy easier access, less mess, and a clutter-free kitchen: With our custom cabinets, you can have all three.

The benefits of our custom kitchen cabinets include:

  • Superior aesthetics
  • Optimal storage space
  • Improved property value
  • Less clutter, better organization
  • Cabinets to suit your vision for your kitchen

Discover the value of our custom kitchen cabinets for yourself. Contact us to book a no-obligation consultation, where we can show you first-hand all we can do to make your dreams come true.

Fast, Flawless Cabinet Installations

Custom cabinets look their best when installed by us. We offer full-service solutions to install your new cabinets your way. Our flexible schedule and diligent workmanship ensure the job gets done on time and to your liking. When installing your new cabinets, our team keeps a tidy worksite to avoid disrupting you. They are punctual and professional, and we always clean up after ourselves. Before you know it, we'll have your new cabinets up on the walls and ready for use.

With our kitchen cabinet installation services, you can expect:

  • Custom designs
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Competitive rates
  • Flawless results
  • Extended warranties
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Contact Our Kitchen Cabinet Experts

Whether you’d like custom cabinets for your new construction or you’re looking to replace your old cabinetry, Cuttwood Construction Co. has got you covered. We’re confident that we design and install the best custom cabinets in Plano and the surrounding area. Not only do we ensure exceptional customer service with every project, but we provide impressive design and innovative carpentry for a great value.

If you’re looking to maximize your storage space with beautiful new custom kitchen cabinetry created specifically for you, all you have to do is give us a call to get started.

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Meet with Our Custom Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

At Cuttwood Construction Co., we realize each project is subjective to personal taste and budget. We work closely with all our clients to pinpoint what they want their custom kitchen cabinet doors to look like, but also what they want them to accomplish in terms of storage and accessibility. We’ll discuss your needs and options, walking you through our cabinet designs so you know precisely what to expect out of our services.

We take great pride in both the beauty and utility of our cabinet work. Once we have a general idea, we’ll provide you with a free estimate of our services. Our cabinet services are an exceptional value, so we’re confident you’ll be impressed by what we can do with your budget. Contact us to book a consultation today.

Create the Kitchen Storage You Need

There is nothing quite as frustrating as operating in a kitchen that doesn't have enough storage space. Whether your family is outgrowing your kitchen or it's time to expand and make your space more convenient, designing and installing custom cabinets is the way to go. When you work with Cuttwood Construction Co. to customize cabinetry, you can find a size and a style that fits seamlessly with your kitchen design and functions well, too.

We are confident that with the help of our experts, you will fall in love with your kitchen again. We offer a range of kitchen cabinet options that provide maximum storage for you and your family. Whether you need more storage on the ground or above the appliances, we have you covered with quality solutions and tailored results.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design and Installation

You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and trims to create the perfect cabinetry for you. According to your personal preferences and requests, our specialists will create drawings of your cabinets with the latest computer technology. You’ll be able to see these and give us feedback before any assembly begins. You’ll also be able to add detailing and choose between our selection of finishes.

Choice is important, so we give you more of it. We offer a complete range of design options to give you total control of how your cabinets look and function. Whether you want ultramodern chic or something more rustic, you can depend on us as your custom cabinetmaker of choice.

Once we get the go ahead, we’ll get started on the building. We guarantee a timely and efficient construction process, and we promise to follow the plan we laid out together. Finally, your custom cabinets will be delivered to your home prior to installation day.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Makers Dedicated to Client Satisfaction

When the installation is complete, our job isn’t quite done yet. We’ll give you the chance to try your cabinets out and make sure everything is as agreed and to your liking. We offer free follow-ups on all our services to give you that extra peace of mind.

Going the extra mile for our clients is one of the many ways we work to stand apart from the competition in the area. We want our customers to love the results of their kitchen makeovers into the future, and we'll do what we can to ensure that.

Flexible Scheduling for Your Kitchen Cabinet Installation

If you're working on a tight schedule, there's no reason you should have to sacrifice upgrading your kitchen space. Our team is proud to offer flexible scheduling. Whether you need us to work in the evening, over the weekend, or while you're not home, we'll be happy to accommodate you. We also work efficiently to get your cabinetry in place on the predetermined timeline so you can get back to enjoying your kitchen space as soon as possible.

To discuss scheduling with our team, be sure to reach us by phone or email. We're always happy to answer your questions.

Increase the Value of Your Property with Custom Cabinetry

Homebuyers these days are looking for a move-in ready property. If you're looking to sell your house in the near future, or a few years down the line, investing in kitchen cabinetry will add enjoyment to your home and add value too. Our cabinetry is made from high-quality, dependable materials, built to withstand wear and tear while staying in great condition.

If you think you need to completely remodel your kitchen before you put it on the market - think again. Beautiful cabinetry can really make a good impression when it's installed with precision—contact Cuttwood Construction Co. to discuss your options.

High-End Custom Kitchen Cabinets

We at Cuttwood Construction Co. know we’re good at what we do. Our kitchen cabinet manufacturers go above and beyond to stand out from the competition. When you hire us to design and construct your dream cabinets, we guarantee:

  • Free Estimates
  • Fully Customizable Design
  • Quick and Efficient Manufacturing
  • Experienced, Licensed, and Certified Cabinetmakers (That Double as Interior Designers and General Contractors)

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Designing the cooking space and functional food and appliance storage areas you’ve always dreamed of is well within your reach. Not sure exactly what you want? Our design team can help with custom kitchen cabinet ideas you are sure to love. Whether you are going for a traditional, modern, transitional, or full chef’s kitchen style, we’re the certified experts who build quality and value into every cabinet we design and install. Sit down with us today to discuss cost-saving options during a no-obligation consultation. Some of the unique pieces we have created recently include:

  • French country kitchens
  • Shaker-style cabinets
  • Glass-front cabinets
  • Beadboard cabinets
  • Flat-front cabinets
  • Plywood cabinets
  • Natural wood cabinets
  • Custom pantry cabinets
  • Mixed media cabinets
  • And much more!

Of course, with so many options available to you, it would be hard for us to list them all. Are you looking to create a cabinet type that isn’t mentioned in the list above? We’re looking forward to working with you to bring your vision to life. Reach out to us today to receive a value-driven estimate.

Options for Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Explore semi-custom kitchen cabinets as a cost-saving alternative to a fully customized set. Our goal is to work within your budget to create an atmosphere you will love to prepare food in. To that end, some of the benefits of opting for semi-custom cupboards include:

  • Affordability
  • Customizable door material and hardware options
  • A wide range of colors and styles
  • Precision fit

Discover how we can deliver the most value for your hard-earned dollar. Phone us today to set up an appointment to consult with our team at no obligation to you.

How Much do Custom Cabinets Cost?

Updating your kitchen is an investment that will not only increase the value of your home but will also optimize your cooking and storage space. Suppose you find it frustrating that your dishes and appliances don’t quite fit in their current designated drawers and cupboards. In that case, we offer the affordable solutions private residents and local businesses have counted on for many years.

Since each space is designed to your exact taste and kitchen spatial requirements, the cost of custom cabinets can vary widely. Allow us to consult with you (at no obligation to you) to show you a range of customized options and finishes that will match your style and budget seamlessly.

Unique Cabinetry

Let your kitchen be the masterpiece you will be proud to show to your family and friends. Our commitment to delivering the unique cabinetry your heart desires knows no bounds. We go above and beyond to source the material types, hardware, and finishes you’ve had your eye on. Exceptional relationships with our suppliers allow us to order and receive materials quickly while passing the savings on to you. Some of the unique materials we’ve worked with recently have included:

  • Hickory wood
  • Pine wood
  • Poplar wood
  • Birch wood
  • Maple wood
  • Walnut wood
  • Mahogany wood
  • Oak Wood
  • Ash wood
  • Stainless steel

Looking for a custom wood type, color, or finish that is not listed above? Talk to us about our vast selection of unique cabinetry materials and how we can save you time and money on your next kitchen renovation project.

Plano’s Best in Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets

Cuttwood Construction Co. wants to give you the kitchen cabinetry of your dreams, and we’re confident that we’re the ones for the job. We not only focus on the aesthetic look of your cabinets, but we want you to have a convenient layout that keeps your items at your fingertips when you need them and hidden away when you don’t.

Contact us now at (972) 339-2848 to speak with our team of professionals! We’ll be happy to give you a quote or schedule you for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll make sure we give you all the information you need to feel confident in our hands—and to see why we’re your top choice for local custom cabinets.

We look forward to working with you.