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Cuttwood Construction Co. Service Areas

Bathroom Remodeling

As one of the most used rooms in a home, the bathroom is an excellent place to start if you’re considering making some upgrades to your house.

Cabinet Maker

Cuttwood Construction Co. designs, builds, and installs custom cabinetry of the highest quality material and craftsmanship.

Commercial Construction

Cuttwood Construction Co. provides business owners and entrepreneurs alike with expert commercial construction services.

Commercial Remodeling

With experience working on projects of all shapes, sizes and budgets, Cuttwood Construction Co. is uniquely qualified to take on your commercial remodeling job.

Custom Cabinets

We have extensive experience creating cabinets for a diverse clientele, and can bring your vision for the perfect cabinets to life.

Custom Countertops

Whether you’re an avid chef or you rarely cook, a countertop that is built to last can bring your kitchen to the next level.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you’d like custom cabinets for your new construction or you’re looking to replace your old cabinetry, Cuttwood Construction Co. has got you covered. We’re confident that we design and install the best custom cabinets in Plano and the surrounding area.

Custom Wood Cabinets

Cuttwood Construction Co. is a full-service team of cabinetry specialists. We design and install wood cabinets of extraordinary quality and beauty. We offer our clients an extensive selection of high-end woods in a variety of colors and styles.

Kitchen Remodeling

We are able to completely transform your kitchen, or make a few select changes, that can complete alter the way you feel in the space.

Residential Construction

A residential construction project gives you total creative control, and allows you to create your dream home from the ground up.

Residential Remodeling

Residential remodeling allows you to keep everything you love about your current home, while altering a few specific things about it.

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